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My Placenta is a German Pancake

We just got back from the doctors for Tracy’s ultrasound. Well, the baby looks good, but Tracy has a circumvallate placenta. Basically, the edges of the placenta are curled up at the ends rather than flat. The doctor described it similar to a German pancake.

Circumvallate Placenta German Pancake
Circumvallate Placenta                 German Pancake

So, what does that mean? Basically, the doctor told us not to worry about it. Most pregnancies where this is the case the baby is fine and the pregnancy and delivery are normal. There is a small percentage of these where near the end of the pregnancy the baby will not gain weight as much as it should, or the fluids in the placenta aren’t as much as they should be, and in those cases the mother is put on bedrest. There is also a chance of an early delivery, from 4 to 6 weeks early, which with today’s technology that isn’t a concern.

But, on the positive note, we did get some more ultrasound photos! We actually watched Josiah play with his lips and his tongue, and then scratch his face and jump after he scratched himself. I wish I had a video camera to record that, it was really neat to see.

Profile shot of Josiah
Profile of Josiah Richard

Josiah Richard face profile
Josiah’s head profile

Proof of Josiah's boyhood
In case there was any doubt…

The Fonz
Thumb up, just like the Fonz!

So, we have one less stress off our plate. They will continue monitoring baby and placenta to make sure things are all right.

Now, we just need to figure out a new place to live and how we’re going to pay for it.


    I just got home from the doctors and she told me that in the report from the ultrasound I had a month ago, the report stated that I had a circumvallate placenta. I had no idea what this was, how this happened, or what to do. All she told me was not to worry and only a small percent have any problems. The lady who performed my ultrasound told me everything looked good, why didn’t she tell me at the time that something didn’t look right? I have 4 kids already and never even heard of this condition, and I have been a wreck since the news. I’ve been online for about a hour but every website is cold and sticks to the medical terms. I diod find one site that did a study on how accurate the diagnosis of this is. They studied 62 women, and 17 out of 49 pregnancies diagnosed with this disorder were misdiagnosed. So hopefully I fall into that catergory.

    Thanks again for your posting, it has made me feel so much better.

  2. Your welcome! The first ultrasound I had the tech person didn’t tell me anything either until my doctor called and told me the placenta looked small. So she sent me to another place that had better ultrasounds and then talked with a neonatal doctor. This ultra sound tech actually is the one that caught that I had a circumvallate placenta and she said something to us and then said she will talk with the doctor about it to be for sure. He wasn’t too concerned about it and told us not to worry about anything. My next ultrasound is going to be Jan 2nd and then we will see how baby is doing and the fluid. If everything is fine than I will get another ultrasound 6 weeks from that. My regular doctor said if baby doesn’t come 4 to 6 weeks early than I will be induced a week before my due date just to be safe. Hope everything works out for you!

  3. My doctor didn’t schedule me another ultrasound. She just said for me to come in again in 4 weeks. I thought it to be strange when she did not call for another ultrasound, seeing that after looking up all the sites saying that doctors monitor this condition by ultrasounds. My 3 year old son was a month early, so I have been thinking maybe he had the same thing and they didnt catch it. Weird. So with this disorder the fluid comes out? I havent read that yet. All the sites that I have been on say that the placenta can arupt, the baby can be premature or stillborn, or I could bleed. I did not know about the fluid.

  4. The fluid won’t leak, they are making sure there is enough fluid for the baby. My doctor didn’t recommend reading websites because they can do more harm to your worries than any good. My doctor didn’t say this would harm baby or me in any kind of way. The only thing the doctor said ” worse case is that baby turns out to be small and born 4 to 6 weeks early best is that baby is born on time and healthy and with todays technology baby will be just fine” Maybe you should call your doctor and ask questions about this to get the right answers. I recommend asking why your not having ultrasound to keep checking baby throughout your pregnancy, if doctor won’t answer your questions, then I recommend calling a neonatal doctor and get his/her opinion.

    About the first baby that not to common either. My first child was 4 weeks early and there was nothing wrong with my placenta or anything. I have a friend first child was 4 weeks and nothing was wrong either.

    I recommend for you to call your doctor and ask questions. Like I said early if your doctor won’t answer your questions then you need to call a neonatal doctor because they are specialized in this kind of stuff. If your doctor isn’t talking to you about this or given you any info on this then in my opinion I wouldn’t go to that doctor again (I have a hard time trusting doctors if they won’t answer my questions).

  5. wow,you have been lucky.
    i too had same placenta.
    was detected in my 1st ultra sound not one word too me though my pregnancy about circumvallate placenta.
    my white blood cells where off the charts i had too get blood work done every week of my pregnancy.the dr.s couldn’t figure out why my count was so high.
    i went too a couple more ultra sounds here and there thought my pregnancy nothing ever said too me.
    come the day of April 18th-07 i woke up didn’t feel good went to dr,baby in distress had emergency c section.
    at 33 weeks he was premie 5’2.
    stayed at woman and infants for 3 weeks.
    we now have major respiratory distress and have been constantly in and out of hasbro a hospital for kids.he has nuddrols on trackya from being in nic u.and is still too young too have surgery to remove them.
    I am wondering if anyone too would have any input in all this.

  6. After reading this article, I just feel that I really need more info. Could you suggest some more resources ?

  7. You know I really don’t have any resources I can think of. There wasn’t much out on the web on this and be helpful in any way. The best place to get resources is your doctor. Also look into a doctor that is specifically for prenatal, that is the doctor that diagnosed my placenta. I am sorry I don’t have any more than that. I hope I helped little.

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