Posted by: berencamlost | 2007 November 13

Future Uncertainty

After Tracy’s ultrasound on Friday, the doctor’s office called us to let us know that her placenta seemed small, so they wanted us to get a better ultrasound and see a neonatal specialist. So, tomorrow we go in to have another ultrasound. She said the baby was fine, it was just the placenta they were worried about.

So, what does it mean to have a small placenta? I don’t know. They only thing I was able to find out from the doctor is that it usually isn’t a problem except during the end of the pregnancy, and it could cause problems if the birth goes long. It’s possible that her placenta isn’t small either, which is why they are redoing it with the better equipment to get a more accurate measurement of it.

So, worst case scenario is that the baby will start to get starved due to the small placenta at the end of the pregnancy, and they will have to induce Tracy a bit early. Best case scenario is that the ultrasound on Friday wasn’t accurate enough and the placenta is fine and we’ve been worrying for no reason.

On another note, we’ve been continuing our look for a potential place to move to, given our situation with our apartments (click here to read about it). The problem is that our emergency funds were depleted, so we have no money to move. In the past we’ve been able to get assistance from Tracy’s father, but he is now going to be unemployed at the end of the month. His work saw fit to ignore the actual work he’s doing and base his performance on an imaginary baseline that doesn’t reflect actual work done or complexity of said work. If push comes to shove, I am sure that God will provide, it’s just a bit concerning not knowing how he will provide.

Plenty to be praying about for the Gorley’s.


  1. You know you can count on Jen and I for anything we are able to do. Let us know what the needs are so we can, at the very least, pray for them and possibly pitch in to help you guys out.

  2. i when to do my ultrasound on feb2 ..doc tld me that i have a smal placenta i ask her if it was bad she just said hopefully it grows i im due in june 7 and im kind of scared abt the small placenta what should i do..

  3. Hello Cristina,

    Here is what I would recommend is to pray about it and ask for comfort. Also talk to your doctor about your concerns and also ask questions about risk and what you can do to help the baby grow healthier. I am not a doctor so I can’t tell you what to do. What I did is communicate with my doctors and did a lot of praying. I also stop doing heavy duty lifting as well don’t know if that helped or not. God will get you through this difficult time.

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