Posted by: berencamlost | 2007 November 11

Temporary Single Dad

This weekend my wife is at our church’s women’s retreat. That means that I’ve been watching the kids all weekend.  Joy!

Friday night started out decent.  My father in law said that all my daughters could spend the night with him.  So, after dropping them off, it was just me and Greggory.   Once Greggory went down, I played video games and went to bed relatively early (11PM- early for me when I’m alone.)

Saturday I woke up tired, having had a restless night of sleep.  Greggory was crying, and poopy.  So, after changing him we spent the day together while I attempted to get laundry done.  It took some time to do anything, as Greggory was really fussy due to a molar coming in.  I did manage to get most of the laundry done, and watch a movie in the process.

Then, after Greggory’s all too short nap, I went to get the girls.

Then chaos ensued.

I got out of the van to find Grandpa and Tanisha raking leaves in the front yard.  Inside, the living and dining rooms were dismantled and had plastic taped up in preparation for painting.  The TV room had markers, crayons and paper strung about everywhere.  The guest room was a mess as well, with clothes and sheets everywhere.  The back patio had papers, bubbles, and markers everywhere.   The downstairs had toys strung around.  And Katelyn was nowhere to be found.

I searched the house, I searched the backyard, I searched the basement.  Finally I found her, she was intentionally hiding from me.  Why?  I don’t know.  Maybe she just felt like being obnoxious.  (No surprise there, just look at her mom.)

Anyways, after about an hour of trying to round up kids and clean up messes I was able to leave.  An hour.  Just to get 3 kids to grab their stuff, put on shoes, and leave.  An hour.

An hour.

One whole hour.  God definitely wanted to develop patience in us, that’s why he gave us kids.

Anyways, I survived the ordeal.  Katelyn barely survived, after getting in trouble for stomping on grandpa’s plants and then running from him when he tried to stop her.

So, now everyone was home and I was able to make dinner.  Fortunately, I had the foresight to get pizza before picking up the kids.  Dinner was made, dishes were done, and we all sat down to watch Spiderman 3.  At least the kids mostly watched it.  Tanisha’s friend Kim came over to spend the night and then they all wanted to play with Kim and not watch the movie, except for Kate, she came back down later and finished the movie with me.

Sunday was great, got kids bathed, breakfast in them, and we made it to church with time to spare.  The girls even had dresses and I brushed their hair.  It’s amazing what managing chaos does for you.

So, now I don’t have Tanisha (she went out to lunch with a family friend), Greggory is taking a nap, and Kate and Ang are actually playing together nicely.

I still have laundry to put away, and the living room is a bit messy, but that’s ok.  I occasionally need moments to relax.


  1. Excuse me, just like her mother? You are in some deep trouble buddy! 😉

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