Posted by: berencamlost | 2007 November 9

My Middle Finger- A True Story

I was a young tyke, perhaps only 7 or 8. My family were non-Christians, my mom being a logger’s daughter, and my father an former drill instructor in the Army. Long ago, my brothers taught me the art of the “colorful metaphor”, to quote Spock. Now, I was to learn a new lesson.

I was driving home one day, sitting in the backseat of the car, and my Mom was driving. Another driver on the road made a bad move of some sort, and my mom promptly let the other driver know what she thought of his poor driving. She gave him the finger.

Well, being an impressionable young child, I thought that was pretty cool. “Hey, Mom. Can I flip someone off?”

She realized at that moment what mistake she had made.

“Hey, can I flip that guy off?” “No, Brett, don’t flip anyone off.” Of course, the next car that passed us glanced over at us, to see a middle aged mother driving a car with a little kid in the back seat with his middle finger up glaring at him.

“Brett, knock that off!” “Aww, come on, mom. Why can’t I flip someone off? You did it.” “Brett, that was different, that guy deserved it.” Oh, so that’s when it’s ok to flip someone the bird….

The rest of the car ride went something like this. “Did he do something wrong? Can I flip him off? How about him? Can I flip him off? Hey, that guy doesn’t look very nice, can I flip him off?”

And so on until we arrived at home.

The lesson to be learned here is this: Your children are very impressionable.  Please remember that before you do something in front of them you’ll regret.

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