Posted by: berencamlost | 2007 November 8

My Brother

I let my family and friends know about my blog, and my brother responded in the following manner:

How do I add stuff to it? I’d like to tell everyone what a ‘limp-wristed, queen of the deep’ you are. Oh well, I’ll have to start my own blog. I’ll call it “Brett’s a limp-wristed, queen of the deep mollusk blog”

That tells you a bit about my family, doesn’t it?


  1. Doesn’t give your family any justice there because you both are too much alike. You guies have the same humor in things. Now try quoting your mother wait better not because it wouldn’t be a safe blog than.

    Written by: Tracy

  2. I learned the precious art of using the middle finger from my Mom. She was definitely a loggers daughter.

  3. Don’t think you should be very proud of that art!

    Written by: Tracy

  4. I’m not. Only stated as a “matter of fact.”
    – Brett

  5. I would have put the story how you learned because that is pretty funny!


  6. Let’s set the record straight… Those were some lines from a Monty Python skit that I paraphrased to fit Brett. I would never create words of my own to demean Brett’s character. I want all to know what a fine human specimen my brother is and what a wonderful family he has. Thank you all for your understanding in this matter.



    (boy, I hope they buy this load of @#$%. wait, is the computer writing what I’m thinking? OH @#$%! IT IS!!! I’M DOOMED!!!)

    P.S. Your pants are down!

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