Posted by: berencamlost | 2007 November 7

Kids and their verses!

I love working with Katelyn and Angelique with their verses for Awana. Its neat when they actually get the whole verse memorized and they are so proud for themselves. They just light up. Sometimes it is frustrating with Katelyn because she has a real hard time focusing especially this year because the verses gets harder and more expectations are held onto them. This year will be a true test for me to help her get past the focusing problem and get her to put her mind to it. When she puts her mind to it she can learn the verse really quick. Angelique is a different story she is just breezing through her book, the only problem she says it so quietly and mumbles some of it. She is already half way done with her book where Kate is still at the beginning. I am trying not to compare because they are both at different levels of books and learning abilities but it is hard and frustrating at the same time. All I care about is that they are learning the verses from the Bible and not worrying about the awards anymore because that is not what its all about. Its about learning Gods words.

Written by:Tracy


  1. God Bless You for introducing (your?) children, or any child to God’s Word! My Mom used to make us sit down for family devotions as kids…thank God!! 🙂 Amazing what children will retain and you will be rewarded now and later…

  2. After reading more of your blog, I see that you have a very busy home with your children and it makes for a very entertaining and fun blog! God Bless You and Yours!

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