Posted by: berencamlost | 2007 November 1

Trick or Treat or Smell My Feet

Kids Costumes on Halloween

Hello Kitty, Princess Leia, Clown, and Cinderella

It was that time of year again. The kids get excited, the parents are alive in a rush of frenzy, and the retailers are gleeful from sales of chocolates. Yes, All Hallows Eve once again.

Funny thing is, from what I’ve been told, the holiday was originally celebrated as All Saints Day, in response to a pagan holiday the day after. Now the All Saints Day is gone and the pagan elements remain. Funny how that happens when well intentioned individuals attempt to merge the modern culture into the church. When the church was functioning correctly in history, it was the influencing factor on the culture, not vice versa. This reversal of the trend in modern times is sad, as blending the two will always result in watering down the gospel of Jesus Christ and not really do anything to redeem the culture around it.

The emergents would be good to take note of this. For all their well intended work, history will look back and judge them based on the lasting fruit they have born. The question is, will it be seen as a force that Christ used to redeem our culture, or just another movement that resulted in candy and commercialism?

On a lighter note, the kid’s scored some great candy. The weather was really nice, and everyone had fun. We have been taking the kids to a really nice neighborhood in Oregon City where the folks have more disposable income than our neighborhood, which results in better candy. And it’s also safer! It took us 1-1/2 hours to hit all our usual houses there. The kids and the wife were tired when it was all over. Brett was doing fine, as he has been exercising lately. Tracy was trying to make the weak excuse that she was carrying Greggory the whole night and she’s pregnant. Like that would be an excuse to get tired easily… OUCH!!!! She just hit me for that last statement! (Just joking there!)

Now, here’s some cool pictures of gross, bloody things we saw while trick or treating.

Bloody Skulls


A Squashed Cat
I guess this cat wasn’t fast enough…

(Boy, Angelique was so concerned for this cat. She was worried it was a real cat and was starting to freak out. She did the same with all the people with blood on them. She was pretty worried about them all. )

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