Posted by: berencamlost | 2007 October 29

Football and Pumpkins

What do footballs have in common with pumpkins? Well, they’re both fun to kick. And they were the theme of this weekend. That, and massive house cleaning.

Saturday, Tracy and Tanisha went to the OSU football game while dad stayed home and cleaned house. My goal was to prep the rooms for rearranging next weekend. I was partially successful at least. Kids can sense when you are trying to do something and will work extra hard to keep you from doing it (especially any grown up pleasures.) Oh, well.

Here’s Tracy and Tanisha on the field after the Beavers kicked Stanford’s butt.

Tracy and Tanisha at the Beavers staduim

Here’s the rest of the gang:

The Football Crew


Now, there’s a time honored tradition rooted in paganism that is enjoyed by most Americans, and that is to disembowel a large orange gourd type vegetable, carve evil faces in them and decorate your house with them. This right before you dress like your favorite ghoul and roam the streets begging for candy and driving your blood sugar levels so high that teachers demand combat pay the next day at school. Great American Fun! I know I used to love that sugar rush!

So, we slaughtered the pumpkins and carved the faces, and had a great time of it. These things do have at least one great value in that they get the family together for an evening and have some fun, despite the ontological origins of the activity in question.
And the results: Jack-o-lanterns!!!!!

The Gorley Family Pumpkins
Katelyn’s, Angelique’s, Tanisha’s, and Greggory’s Pumpkins.

Now the kids are just waiting for Wednesday to get their sugar rush and watch their teachers complain the next day about hyper kids.


  1. Wow! Greggory is very accomplished with a knife for his age.

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