Posted by: berencamlost | 2007 October 26

Forgotten Funnies

It’s amazing the things old friends remember of you that you have long forgotten. Just today I was reminiscing with an old roommate of mine, and he asked me if I remembered the time that Multnomah Bible College burnt to the ground.

Early in the morning on this fine spring day back in 1996, my old roommate recalls an emotionally charged Brett storming into his bedroom in a fit of panic. “The school is on fire! You can see the flames from here! Quick! Hurry!” Needless to say, this roommate of mine sprung out of bed and rushed quickly to the front door. Dressed in only his underwear, he threw the front door open and rushed outside to see this amazing spectacle of Multnomah Bible College turning to cinders. Needless to say, all he saw was blue sky, no clouds, and me with a big grin on my face saying, “April Fools!”

It was quite amusing to hear him recall this story. Even more amusing picturing him in front of our apartment complex in his chonies. It makes me wonder how many other funny foibles and tales that I have participated in that my rusty old gray matter failed to capture.


  1. Oh, the stories could be told . . .

    I had so much fun hanging out with you yesterday. Your a true friend, Brett. And, I thank God for our friendship. Thanks.

  2. […] Multnomah Visit Friday I had the wonderful opportunity to visit my friend Brett (cf. a funny post on his blog) at his work at Multnomah Bible College. While he couldn’t stand it enough to finish his […]

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